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Ellen's Story with Plastic Surgery"Should I really have plastic surgery?" That question went through my mind dozens of times per day. I'm sure it is going through yours too.

I know I don't look like your typical "plastic surgery subject", I probably look like many people you know. Plain and simple.

But I wasn't happy with my appearance. My nose was the first thing people saw on my face and that wasn't a good thing! I also had several other areas that just gave me fits - and excercise didn't help. Believe me, I tried.

The surgeries I had done gave me the self-confidence I needed in order to achieve many of the goals in my life that had previously gone unfulfilled.

What did I have done? In addition to having my nose done, I had a breast lift (due to two children) and liposuction. I no longer feel self-concious in a swimsuit, but I'm also not getting "uncomfortable looks" from ... well, "trailer park losers".

I'm still me, plain and simple but with all the things I hated about my appearance gone. If you are considering plastic surgery, use the referral service I did. They are very professional, answer all of your questions and the surgeon I had was not only very skilled, but knew exactly what my anxieties were. I wouldn't trust my body to just anyone. Would you?

- Ellen

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